16 thoughts on “Jazzy’s Foo Foo Exposed”

  1. I fucked up and got humiliated. This is the price i got for sending money to a rich bratty Girl, effectively, humiliation is the true power. I can’t do nothing about those exposure except paying Daddy Jazzy and saying thank you for the humiliation.

    In fact , it is just a little click on the mouse for Jazzy to keep my privacy from the entire world but she prefer laughing knowing EVERYBODY I KNOW MIGHT SEE THOSE INFORMATIONS ABOUT ME.

  2. Just think about yourself
    On sissysquirt when you be in love with a other women, does she really deserve humiliaton ? Being with you is a humiliation after that

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someones sex appeal go up so much just from them wearing a mask!

  4. I did Jazzy’s doomsday timer and couldn’t afford to pay for the code, she has all my info and embarrassing pictures now. im fuked :s
    she sent my sissy pix to my g/f

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