17 thoughts on “Sissy Candice Exposed”

  1. James is clearly on the path to taking so much cock for Empress Jazzy that the idea of him being a virgin will one day be laughable to his followers here and also all the people that will recognise him from grindr.
    The best thing to do is keep sniffing poppers and browsing Empress Jazzys onlyfans and the rest will sort itself out.

  2. You might think you have some kinda future as a sissy making money 💰🤣🤣
    But Empress Jazzy destroyed you your fucked absolutely destroyed

  3. You are not human. You are a joke. Best would be to jump into a dumpster and wait for collection and then… haha

  4. What a fucking idiot. Every alpha couple should be assigned one of these little bitches to look after the household while they’re out spending its money.

  5. I happened upon your site just tonight. Instantly my clitty began to hum inside of me. I can’t wait to see more.

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