Sissies Exposed by Jessica LaPucelle

How would you feel if everyone in your life discovered the truth about your sissy side? What if your buddies knew you were actually a mincing fairy who secretly craves to suck their cocks? What if the women in your life found out you secretly wish to wear their clothes and serve at their feet? Would they be able to resist teasing and laughing at your sissy shame? Would they ever be able to see you as a man ever again?


Mikayla used to be a male called Mike. Now just look at his sissy ass lol Dressed up like a blonde bimbo while his wife is on the phone arranging a date with a real man!

Perhaps this scares and excites you at the same time? You feel compelled to take the risk, but need that extra push. Well that’s where I step in to help =) I will make it real easy for you. All you do is shut off your brain, and become my mindless sissy puppet instead. From now on I’ll do the thinking for you, and take control of all your decisions. Why resist when it just feels so much better to let it go accept it? All you have to do is send me your slutty sissy pics and vids, and then I post them for the whole world to see!

Just click here and say “Yes Mistress, please expose me!”

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