Doomsday Timer Info

To start simply stroke on your dick and answer the following questions. Just be honest, as Empre$$ Jazzy has ways of finding out if you’re lying. When you are ready click continue.

Once you click continue the data will be temporarily stored in memory. If you win the data gets deleted, but if you lose it gets emailed to Empre$$ Jazzy.


By clicking “Continue” you have agreed to the terms of service and you have signed over all legal rights to your images and information.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to qualify. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule!

You must be the rightful owner of the images and information you submit. You must be the person appearing in the photographs, and you have provided them willingly.

You understand that you are sending Empress Jazzy information and images at your own discretion and risk.

You understand and acknowledge that you are handing over the rights to your images and information, and giving Empress Jazzy the rights to use or publish or use any information for public publications or promotions.

You are fully aware of the consequences of handing over images or information, you consent, and will bear all responsibility and repercussions of your actions.