Anthony Exposed

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21 thoughts on “Anthony Exposed”

  1. Tony’s a fucking whore who needs more cock in her mouth…
    I just bought the clip on Iwantclips and jerked off to it

    1. Ommfg Tony! How long have you been a dick sucker? Clearly you been doing this awhile cuz I see pictures when you had long hair. Dude, does your girl know about this? I can’t wait until I see you again… You won’t even know, but I will, lol. I’m gonna fuck with you so bad lol

  2. Just bought anthony’s clip on jazzys clip store and jerked off to it and had a good cum. google “TONY IS A COCKSUCKER!” and check it out

  3. Hey Anthony, while you are at your grandpas family having Thanksgiving Day dinner, some of us was looking at you here and was thinking if your girlfriend don’t like her gift you bought her, we don’t think you should let it go to waste. How about we make a deal and you show us a picture of you using it and I won’t tell everyone your info. WE (plural) want to see picture of it in your ass or I find a way to get ahold of this empress jazzy and tell her all your business. Where you work, live, phone number, mama number, I’ll even “accidentally” email your girl this page. How’s by Sunday night sound? Think about it. Have a happy Thanksgiving sucking that boner dry lol

  4. OMG my jaw just hit the floor. I can’t believe what I’m seeing with my own two eyes. Is this shit fo’ real? Let’s just say I’m a friend of someone we both know, and I said no it can’t be true. But now I see for myself, I said Awe God Damn say it isn’t so, lol!!! I’ll give you a hint who told me and maybe you can think about the rest – “I know more than you think I do” Awe, I can’t believe this shit, lmao. Maybe the next time we all get together you should show up dressed up like you are here lookin all fine and real cute, lmao. Damn!

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