Doomsday Timer


The Doomsday Timer is a sadistically cruel game designed by Empre$$ Jazzy. Stupid men submit their humiliation pics and info, which are temporarily stored on the server. At this point the timer starts running, and their fate is in Empre$$ Jazzy’s hands!

If the Doomsday Timer is defused the pics and info are deleted. However if the timer expires it all gets emailed to Empre$$ Jazzy. This is Doomsday for any man, as they are ruthlessly exposed. Some men are so crushed by this they start living new lives as sissy girls!

A unique code is generated at the start of each game. The Doomsday Timer can only be defused with this code, and Empre$$ Jazzy is the only one who knows it. So it’s always a race against the clock. These men must do anything Empre$$ Jazzy demands if they want the code, and they need to do it fast!


You start by filling out a simple questionnaire, and then upload your most humiliating sissy or submission pics.

Once complete the Doomsday Timer will begin, and you will be given about 3 hours until the timer expires.

The only way out is a special code that only Empress Jazzy has. So be prepared to kiss her ass with your wallet out!

If the Doomsday Timer expires, or the window closes early you’re fucked. Empress Jazzy will be sent the info and pics you’ve provided, and they become her property.

If you’re ready to play just click the link below:

Yes! I’m a stupid man, and ready to put my fate in Empress Jazzy’s hands

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