16 thoughts on “Cucky DW Exposed”

  1. “ The user that paid these funds committed illegal acts”
    You’re under investigation for fraud you thief GOOF. The website has all your info and so do I.

  2. Derek Wortman likes to scam women. Derek Wortman is a thief.
    Do what you will with this thief goofs information. Karma is a bitch you FRAUD cunt !!!

  3. Who wants Dereks address and phone number in Columbus Ohio? Go punch this bitch in the face. He likes to do illegal chargebacks on dommes

  4. Hey Derek, here’s what you’re going to do… you’re going to send me that $1,300 you chargedback or I’m
    mailing you a surprise to the address I shipped your package to, you fucking scammer. Better make it quick, would be a shame if I notified the banks about your fraud.

    1. I hope bratty J continues to make this loser exposed for a lifetime. Make him suck huge COCK for profit. Lossssssserrrr.

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